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Global Human Resource Development

SOPHYS provides global Human Resource development training programs for Japanese major companies to develop and increase global skilled managers.@SOPHYS training programs focused on cross-cultural communication and management skills necessary in doing business in Asian countries.

Our training programs match with the needs of big and medium-big sized Japanese companies, in manufacturing, IT, finance and construction industries that expanded their business in countries mentioned above.

Since establishment (Dec 2010) SOPHYS has developed a few thousand global leaders of major Japanese companies, who are successfully managing global projects worldwide.

Global Human Resources Development Program

Level 7
Executives training
Level 6
Pre-dispatch training and coaching
Talent pool
Level 5
Knowledge management with global business experienced senior colleagues
Level 4
Business skills focused training
a. Business Manners
b. Management
c. Presentation
d. Negotiation
e. Sales
Level 3
Global communication and business skills training
All company employees
Level 2
Discussion, international exchange events
Level 1
Cross-Cultural Communication (standard course)
Level 7
Executives training
To train management skills and decision making required in global business
Level 6
Pre-dispatch training and coaching
To reduce risks of global business by learning about assigned country in details, as well as getting information about typical challenges (often happened) and its solutions in advance.
Level 5
Knowledge management
To conduct knowledge management by analyzing client's success and failure cases and its solutions in global business, by inviting experienced senior colleagues to share their experiences within the company
Level 4
Business skills focused training
To train required global business skills focusing on 1 or 2 business skills
Level 3
Global communication and business skills training
To train communication and management skills required to collaborate effectively with international business persons.
Level 2
Discussions and international exchange events
To eliminate the complex of speaking in English and get used to communicate with people from different cultural background.
Level 1
Cross-Cultural communication
To deepen the understanding of different cultures, cultivate curiosity, to learn respecting and accepting different mentalities.

Unique points of training programs

- Focused on Asian business culture
- Practical contents based on experience of managers
- Facilitated by international businessmen with relevant experience
- Fully customized to the needs of clients

Advantages to our customers

Fully customized programs:

- Tailor made programs focused on their business needs and company culture

Prevent risks in advance:

- Success and failure case study analysis and actual solutions were used to solve management and communication problems, will help the prevent many risks in advance

Practical solutions:

- Solutions can be applied to their business immediately
- Successful International businessmen from targeted country as guest speakers
- Information from international business people perspective
- Provide information to any questions of the audience, not limiting only on the programs contents.


Global Executive Coaching

SOPHYS's Global Executive Coaching is conducted by a highly diverse group of experienced coaches with a deep knowledge and experience in business, economy of the world. Our goal is to help managers develop their capacity for leadership and be able to solve any complex business challenges in today's global business.

We have in-depth expertise supporting leaders in the following areas:

Global Leadership
Diversity management
Team Building
Project Management
Risk Management
HR Management

Human Resource System Consulting

Recruitment, incentive, career path and Evaluation in HR System are becoming an issue ever since Japanese companies started to hire a significant number of international employees. Different expectations from both sides, often cause the international employees to look for alternative career options in a very short period of time, and Japanese companies lose valuable assets.

We offer fully customized solutions to our clients focusing on industry needs, company culture and short or long-term business plans. We combine Japanese company work culture, an unique organization system taking into consideration the international employees' motivations and career path, to achieve an effective HR system that functions in the global business.

We offer solutions for following areas, collaborating with a number of successful consultants from EU, US and Asian countries:

- Recruitment
- Incentive
- Career path
- Evaluation


- Manufacturing
- Services
- IT
- Construction